The 2019 theme, “Hello Piggy – East Meats West,” will pay homage to both the Year of the Pig on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar and the pork-filled relationship Iowans have built with the people of Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan since sending them 36 pigs almost 60 years ago.

Inspired by the new theme, organizers plan to serve up what has been coined as a uniquely “Iowa/Japanese Bacon Experience”. The recipe? Brooks Reynolds, Co founder of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, explained “We’re taking the coolest of Japanese culture, mixing it with some good old Iowa fun and then dousing it with an abundance of bacon.” Reynolds elaborates further, “We’re talking Porkémon, Hogzilla, Bacon Samurais, Baconbots, Bacon Sushi, Pig Anime, Bacon Yakitori, Mario Bacon Karts, Bacon Sumo, Bacon Kimonos, Bacon Ninjas, and HIYAH! More BACON!”

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